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Audry Rose Reviews

See Why Our Customers Love Audry Rose

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Bullet Point Free Shipping & 60 Day Returns
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See Why People Love Audry Rose

4.8 Overall Rating

Love Audry Rose

I have 4 Audry Rose rings. The quality is outstanding, and the uniqueness well worth the money. You wont find anything like them anywhere else. The gold is beautiful. I have my heart set on a couple more and I’m saving my pennies. I will get them. Anything worth having is worth saving for! ❤️ Audry Rose
Lisa T

My ring is beautiful.

Guess what?? It is here! It arrived on Saturday and I am over-the-moon happy with it!! Please thank everyone involved with its creation and everyone involved in the processing & shipping of my order! My ring is beautiful and I believe some really beautiful people made it that way!Thank You All Very Much!!

it is gorgeous!

I just received the opal/diamond necklace and it is gorgeous! I’m sure my granddaughter will love it. (Audry Rose is her favorite jewelry company & she loves opals) I’m thanking you again for making the extra effort to get this to me in time for her graduation present! I look forward to ordering more beautiful jewelry from you.
Sincerely, Margaret

Thank you for such a gorgeous ring.

Thank you for such a gorgeous ring. In the middle of quarantine and weirdness in the world: along came a beautiful reminder that there is beauty in the world! Your timing is perfect- it will be the anniversary of my Mom relocating to Heaven this Saturday. She would love that I grew up to have great taste in jewelry (not such great taste in guys). Many, many thanks to all of you ️. Be well and stay safe. Warmly,

Thank you so much for getting it to me!

Hi, I wanted to let you know that the Amali Horizon Opal necklace arrived last night and it is amazing. I’ve never had a boulder opal, and I’ve spent time today looking at the colors in the stone in different lights and at different angles—so magical! I love Amali’s work and am pairing this with an Amali aquamarine necklace I got from you last fall; they look great together.It is especially meaningful to have this beautiful and wearable ocean view in this time of crisis. Thank you so much for getting it to me!Very best, take care,

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